Hello everyone and happy Friday!

So, I know this is not so much beauty related, but I would still like to share this with you. It is kind of matter of aesthetics.
Anyways, I have always been kind of a hoarder. ''Oh, look, I took this in a hotel there, I will keep it so that it could remind me of the time spent there.'', ''Oh, I used to play with this when I was little.'' or simply: ''I might use it someday (in some other galaxy, probably, haha). So, as time passed, my drawers became more cluttered, and I would spend ages cleaning my room because I would find my old diary and start reading it, or some old stuff that would keep me busy for 5-10 minutes each :D. So, the other day I decided to clean my room thoroughly.
I managed to save just the ''important memories'' in one memory box, and to throw everything else away (yay for me!). And it didn't take much time, either.
So, I was wondering, do you have the same kind of problem while cleaning, because when I watch beauty videos on YouTube, all those girls have such clean and beautiful rooms, and it makes me feel quite sloppy :D.
Also, I would like to know if you have any cleaning tips?

Have a great weekend!