September/all-time favorites!

Hello everyone and happy Friday!

Can you believe September is over already? The summer has gone so fast.
Anyways, as you can tell, today I will talk about my favorites. Since this is the first time I'm talking about my favorites, this is going to be a post about my all-time favorites, not just the ones I've been using this month.

So the first one is my face moisturizer. It is Green line Basic for dry and sensitive skin. It is not too heavy on skin, soaks really fast and doesn't make my skin all greasy and shiny.

The next one is toner with grape extract by Garnier. It helps me clean my face in the evenings after a long day. :)

The next one is Compact powder by Manhattan Clearface. It covers quite well if you don't want to use liquid foundation everyday. At least that's what I use it for. I put on this powder, some blush, mascara and I'm ready to go.

The next one is my shower gel. It is Palmolive Aroma therapy with tangerine essential oil and lemongrass extract. It smells really amazing.

This is Melem. It is a Croatian product for dry and sensitive skin, but for the last 3-5 years (I think) it comes in this cute little package as lip balm. It helps hydrate lips and keeps them nice and soft.

This is my all time favorite perfume. Dolce&Gabbana Light blue. It has sweet lemon scent, and I simply adore it.

This is my favorite nail polish/top coat. It is by Kiko, no.228 sparkle touch. It is a clear nail polish with white shimmers. But what I love about this polish is that those shimmers are so tiny that you can't feel them once you go over your nail. Amazing and touches up any colored nail polish! :)

This is my favorite body lotion. It is by Body&soul and has around 60% aloe vera. It keeps your skin hydrated and soft, but helps with redness or damages on skin.

This is my favorite mascara. Maybeline The colossal volum' express waterproof in Noir glamour glam black.

This is mx all time favorite hair product. It is a Dry ends serum by Avon.

Do you use any of those items? Or similar ones?
Also if you have any questions about products that I've mentioned I'd love to help :)
Have a great weekend!