My Fall Must-Haves :)

Hello everyone and happy Fall!
I hope you guys like it better than I do. It's so cold and ugly here in Croatia. There wasn't much rain, which I like, but there's fog and that stupid mist that messes your hair up haha.
So, anyways, to make my Fall nicer, there are a few products I can't live without.
Here we go: My Fall Must-Haves 

1. To keep my face moistruised I like to use a good face cream. I am using Nivea pure&natural :)

2. My hands tend to get really dry in Fall and Winter, my skin even breaks sometimes, so I need a good hand cream. I am using the one by Balea. It doesn't really smell that good haha :D but it keeps my hands moistruised and soft :)

3. Of course, just like hands, my lips need some care, too. So I need a good lip balm. Of course, my all time favourite- Melem :) (You can read more about it, and maybe about how to get it yourself in a previous post)

4. In Fall, I like to use Fall colours. So this lipstick from Avon in the shade Cappuccino is perfect for me. It's not really bold, but nice and natural :)

 5. Like lipstick, I also like to use earthy tones in my eyeshadow. This is an eyeshadow duo by essence in shade 02 Coffee shimmer.

6. My favourite nail polishes for Fall (from left to right): 1. essence colour&go no.50 irreplaceable; 2. essence colour&go no.143 i'm the boss!; 3. catrice cosmetics no.130 Lucky In Lilac; 4. catrice cosmetics no.280 London's Weather Forecast; 5. p2 color victim nailpolish no.220 hyper

7. My must-have perfume is by Davidoff Cool Water. It's not too heavy nor too light. A very nice fragrant, which I think is perfect for Fall!

8. This lovely gilt bangle bracelet is my next must-have. It also has an earthy tone to it, and I think it's perfect!

9. A nice, warm, long scarf for those cool days!

10. A worm jumper or a shirt! I'm obsessed with these lately :)

11. And finally a nice candle to make your home nice and cozy :)))

I hope you guys liked my post. If you have a similar one link it to me and I'd be happy to see what you're using :)

See you next time! <3