5 most recent nail art designs

Hello everyone! I haven't been posting for some time now. I simply didn't have the time and I wasn't really feeling very motivated. But today I am bringing you my most recent nail art designs (even though they are not so recent, since there is one from Halloween). So here we go:

This is my most recent one.
I used a white base and applied color with a fan brush.
I used red, green, blue, teal and lilac.
This is the design I did for Halloween.
Again, I used a white base color and drew pumpkins,
and then on my highlight nails (thumb and ringfinger) I drew eyes.

This is a more neutral design.
I painted all my nails nude, and on my ring finger
I used royal blue glitter as a highlight.
This is a design I did for a friend of mine.
It is a blue leopard print with a teal base
and then darker blue and black animal print
And the last one is actually my favorite.
A nude base with floral design on my accent nails.

Let me know if you like my designs and if you would like to see some tutorials here.
If you decide to recreate some of these, send me pictures and if you want me to recreate some designs you like and want me to show you how to do it, please feel free to let me know.
You can find all of my links on the 'About me' page.

I will try to post more regularly from now on, and I've planned to post every Tuesday.

I hope you've enjoyed my post and that you will keep reading my blog!

Mwah :*