Fun&Colorful Nail Art for Summer!

Hello everyone!
So, recently I posted a picture of an old nail art I did a while back on Instagram (@Kelly1393). It is the oldest picture of my nail art design that I own. Here is the picture from Instagram:

So, I thought.. Why not do it again and show everyone how to do it? It may be a bit time consuming, but it's not difficult at all, and I think it looks cute! Also, summer is almost here, and what says summer more than bold and vibrant colors?
Here is everything I used for the design:

Base coat- Essence Ultra strong nail repair
Green- Essence Colour&Go 170 beijos de brazil
Blue- Maybelline New York mini Colorama 80 Electric Blue
Yellow- Essence Colour&Go 23 Sundancer
Red- Essence Colour&Go 186 polka holga
Lilac- Catrice cosmetics 130 Lucky In Lilac
White- Essence Colour&Go 199 wild white ways
White liner- Manhattan Pro French tip whitener in 11A
Top coat- Konad Top Coat 41
A dotting tool - mine has two ends- a fine and a thicker one, but you'll do just fine with only a fine one

(P.S. Of course, you can use different colors and different brands, just make sure that the colors are opaque)

 Step 1:

As always, I prepped the nails by removing polish that was on before, filing them and pushing cuticles. After that I applied a base coat and let it dry.

Step 2:

Then I painted each fingernail a different color. From thumb to pinky: Green, blue, yellow, red and lilac. I applied two coats of each color to avoid streaking and so that the color is even on the nails.

Step 3:

Then I drew 3 little waves on each nail with a liner white polish (for this step you can also use a fine tip brush and a white polish).

Step 4:

Then I filled those waves in and you can see on the picture what I ended up with. I painted two coats of white polish as well.

Step 5:

The next step was taking all of the colors and a dotting tool and dotting them along the white line on each nail. In that step I didn't use the main color on each nail for lining the white waves (on pinky nail I used all of the colors except lilac, etc.) And I started placing dots (bigger and smaller ones) on the white part and later on on the colored part, too.

 Step 6:

After I had placed all the dots where they had to be, and I liked the final look, I placed a small white dot in each colored dot and a few on the colored part of the nail.

 Step 7:

 The last step was to seal my design in with top coat and clear up any mistakes. And this is the final result!

Let me know what you think about this nail art design? Do you like seeing those on my blog?
I hope you enjoyed and if you recreate this look please tweet me a picture (@KellyDoe5).
If you have any requests, leave them in the comments!

Also, this is my first blog post in Croatian! #excited
check it out!