Pinterest Inspired Colorful Nail Art Tutorial (Ornaments or Flowers?)

Hello everyone!

First of all, I would like to appologize for not posting on Friday/Saturday, but it has been hectic at uni and I really didn't have time.

As you may or may not know, I no longer work at McDonald's and therefore I can have long nails again. Yaaay! Since they've grown quite a lot, and I think they're just about to start breaking, so I decided to do a nail art for you guys and show you how you can do it yourself :) and then I can cut them off and let them rest for a while.

P.S. Please excuse my cuticles, I know they're terrible. I wanted to make them a bit nicer and I messed them all up :D So don't mind that!

I did a Pinterest inspired nail art about a month ago, and I decided to do something like that again. So, here is what I found on Pinterest:
Pin source

Here is what it ended up looking:

What I used:

Base coat: Essence studio nails pro white hardener
Mint color: Essence colour&go in 146 that's what i mint!
White color: Essence colour&go in 199 wild white ways
Pink fluorescent color: Glamour by Yoliaul in 182 (I think that's what it's called)
Copper-ish color: Butterfly Collection Single in 11 (I think)
Silver glitter polish: Essence nail art freestyle & tip painter in 24
Top coat: Essence colour&go in 101 absolute pure

Step one:

As always, I started my nail art by filing my nails, applying base coat and then 2 coats of my blue-ish mint nail polish.

Step two:

Then I took a tiny precise nail art brush and using a white polish, I drew two or three circles on each nail, depending on how much space I had on my nails. Some were smaller and some were bigger :)

Step three:

Then I decided I want to fill the circles in so that the colors would show a lot better. I was also using the brush.

Step four:

Then (again using the precise brush), I drew lines going from the root of my nail to the circles (kind of like stems or maybe ribbons for ornaments, depending of what you think these are :D) and right where the stem (ribbon) touches the circles, I drew a little bow (or leaves maybe? Okay, I'll stop now). I didn't draw it on all of them, but where I thought something was missing.

Step five:

Then I took my dotting tool and with the same white polish did a few dots around the nail. After that I took my pink, kind of copper and silver glitter nail polish and colored the circles, so that a little bit of a white rim showed around the color.

Step six:

I finished my nail design with clear top coat. I just have to say that this is my favorite part of doing nail art, because when you draw with a brush, it can look a bit messy and uneven, but once you go over the entire design with a clear top coat, it just smoothes everything out and everything looks so pretty :) Is it only me? :D

And that's it for my nail design! Do you like it? Is there a nail design you love and would love me to recreate? Send me links in the comment section! Also, do you think these look like ornaments or flowers (or something other than that maybe?).

Thank you for reading!
See you soon xx

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