Skincare ingredients, expiration dates and is it all worth it?

Hey guys!

I wanted to quickly talk to you today. Recently I saw a decluttering video by one of the YouTubers and she was throwing out every single foundation and powder that was expired. And by expired, I mean expired at the end of last year.

She didn't even check if the product was still good. Do you do that? I know that in food expiration date, you always have more time than it says, for safety reasons, and all you have to do is either smell it and try it and see if they still work.

I think that the same goes for beauty stuff. I know that some have the expiration date as low as 3 months and for someone who doesn't put on makeup every day, like myself, that would be a total waste of money (if I actually did that, which I don't).

If I had to throw out a mascara every 3-6 months, I would be throwing more than half-full bottles. I don't even keep track of when I buy stuff, but simply smell it, or try to see if it's dried out or changed in texture and if I don't like what I see, I will throw the product away. I really don't see a point in throwing perfectly fine products, just because someone said it's supposed to be expired.

Now, I do understand that this stuff is going on your skin, or near your eyes and that it can be quite bad, but I don't think that you wouldn't be able to tell before applying a product that it's gone bad. I would really like to hear your thoughts about it.

Another thing I really wanted to talk to you about is ingredients in various skincare and makeup products. Well, haircare, too.

Do you read the ingredients list? Do you even know what they mean? I would really love to educate myself in that area and find out what each ingredient does, how it affects my skin and maybe connect some ingredients to some of the issues I've had with some products.

However, I think that overthinking it can be irrational. I think that avoiding EVERYTHING that has silicones is kind of uncalled for, especially if silicones don't bother you, your skin or your hair. I've read somewhere that silicones on your skin can clog your pores, but that very much depends on the size of molecules of the silicones, and some can actually make your face smoother and help your makeup sit nicely on your face.

The same goes for hair products. Silicones do make hair super smooth and nice, and if silicones never bothered you, and you've never experienced any problems caused by using them, I don't see why I, or you, or anyone wouldn't use these products.

I know that some products can be really bad for your skin and your hair and even your health, but people have recently decided to ban every 'weird' or 'bad' ingredient from their skin or hair care. Do you do that, too?

For example, preservatives in skincare make the product last longer, and you most often have enough time to use it all up before it goes bad. Well, I bought a facemask in Lush about a year ago. It was quite a lot of product and it was quite expensive, too, but since it was all natural, I decided I wanted to try it.

After using it, it said I could keep it in a fridge for another two weeks and use it up. Guess what! It got mouldy in a few days and it grossed me out, so I threw it away. Why? Because there were no preservatives. If it was a cheap product, I would be all for the natural ingredients and super cool mask, but since it wasn't, I will most definitely not rebuy it.

Now, I know I am by all means not an expert on this, I have not read about that sort of stuff, but I am saying that you should listen to your skin, and try things yourself to see if they work for you.

What do you guys think about that? Do you agree with me or are you avoiding some ingredients no matter what?

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Thank you for reading!
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